Notice of Annual General Meeting 2012

The shareholders of Solvang ASA are hereby called to the Annual General Meeting at Radisson SAS Atlantic Hotel, Olav V’s gate 3, Stavanger: Thursday 10th of May 2012 at 3 PM

The agenda will be as follows:
1)         Adoption of the Annual Accounts 2011 and the Annual Report 2011. The Board of Directors has proposed not to pay dividends for 2011.
2)         Determine the remuneration of the Board of Directors
3)         Approval of remuneration of the Auditor
4)         The board’s declaration of principles for the company’s remuneration policy towards management according to the public limited company act (allmennaksjeloven)
§ 6-16a.
5)         Election of Board Members and Chairman of the Board
6)         Authorisation to purchase own shares
7)         Renewal of authorization to the board of directors to increase the share capital by a total of 4,0 million shares:
The Annual General Meeting will be opened by the chairman of the Board of Directors
Enclosed to the notice of Annual General Meeting is the board of directors’ proposals for the items on the agenda, and a registration form/form for granting power of attorney.
Solvang ASA has issued 24 652 837 shares. One share gives one vote at the Annual General meeting. Shares in the Group’s ownership are not entitled to vote.
All shareholders are entitled to participate at the Annual General Meeting, also by proxy.
Refreshments from 2.30 PM.
We request those who intend to meet at the Annual General Meeting to register using the enclosed form. The same form can also be used to grant a Power of Attorney.
According to the Articles of Association for Solvang ASA the annual accounts and directors’ report for 2011 will be made available at www.solvangship.no, and is not enclosed in this notice. A hard copy can still be requested by contacting the company administration by phone: +47 51 84 84 00, or e-mail finance@solvangship.no.
The Notice of Annual General Meeting with enclosures and registration form/form for granting power of attorney are available on the company’s web site www.solvangship.no.
Stavanger, 19th of April 2012
Board of directors
Solvang ASA
Complete notice of Annual general meeting:
Annual reports Solvang ASA 2011:

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