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Our fleet

Solvang is proud to present one of the most modern Ethylene/LPG carrier fleets in the world. During 2007-2015, 15 new buildings were delivered to the company. This gives us a fleet average age of 7 years. 

Semi-refrigerated/Ethylene carriers
This segment includes semi-refrigerated, ethylene capable ships from 12,000 to 17,000 cbm. We have six ships in this segment, where one ship is on a long term Time charter, and the remaining five operate in the spot market, or on various COA and other shorter Time Charters.

Large Gas Carrier
This segment is defined as fully refrigerated LPG ships of 60,000 cbm. We have a total of nine ships in this segment. Two ships are on long term Time Charters, while the other seven are fixed on short to medium long Time Charters.

In addition the company controls one fully refrigerated mid-size LPG carrier of 38,000 cbm that is fixed on a long term Time Charter. 

Very Large Gas Carrier
This segment consist of five VLGC, where two is of Panamax size of 75.000 cbm, one 82.000 cbm and two 84.000 cbm. All ships are on Time Charters from short, medium to long term. In addition the company is building two more Panamax VLGC’s that will be delivered in 2017 and go straight onto long term Time Charters.

For high-resolution photos of our ships, please have a look in the gallery.

Age distribution of the Solvang fleet

The greenest and most fuel efficient VLGC ever

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Solvang’s new-builds (84k cbm) at Hyundai Heavy Industries are two of the most fuel efficient LPG carriers ever built, in addition they are some of the world’s largest ships for transporting liquefied petroleum gas.

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