What and how we eat may have a profound effect on our safety and work performance. A diet that provides a right mix of nutrients is essential to good health but it aslo keeps our crew alert!

Our policy is therefore to improve the health of all crew members. We encourage a healthy lifestyle through good nutrition and physical activity.

Our priority areas are:
  • Prevention of overweight and obseity.
  • Prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Prevention of type 2 diabetes.
Operational measures to meet these priority areas are:
  • Increase availability of whole grain cereals and whole grain bread.
  • Increase availability of fruits and fresh vegetables.
  • Reduce availability of unhealthy fat.
All vessels offer one extra healthy dish option at each meal, thus making it easier for the crew to increase their nutrient intake and to make good choices for themselves. The healthy choice recipes are nutritionally balanced, developed by nutritionists.

5 steps towards a healthy and safe diet

1. Always breakfast
You should always begin the day with breakfast. Breakfast gets your body and brain fit for today's tasks. You do not need a big breakfast. A bowl of cereals and fresh fruit or a rye sandwich with a glass of orange juice or milk, will get you started.

2. Rehydrate - drink water!
By drinking enough, you can boost your energy level. If you do not drink sufficiently, your performance will rapidly be reduced. Water is always a good choice. You need 8-10 glasses a day.

3. Little, but smart, fat
Go for low-fat foods like whole grain cereals and breads, fruits and vegetables, low fat dairy and meat products as well as more poultry and fish. By including nuts, plant oils, olives, avocados, and fish you get enough of the right, soft kind fat.

4. Regular eating
Avoid skipping meals during your shift. For even energy and blood sugar levels, fuel your self regularly, every 3-4 hours if possible. Usually this means two main meals and 2-3 smaller meals, i.e fruits, vegetables, yoghurt, bread or some cereals.

5. Five a day
Five is the recomemended daily number of servings of fruits and vegetables. If you eat more it is even better. Fruits, berries and vegetables protects against lifestyle diseases. Use fruits and vegetables for your quick snack.